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Meet the Host

Meet the Host

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and former lawyer. I've always been a healer. This podcast is an expression of my calling. I'm called to shine light in the darkness. I'm called to amplify the healing potential that lives in us all.

I am a biracial woman who identifies as Black. My mother is white, mostly of English and German lineage. I am a descendent of a Mayflower passenger who sailed to Massachusetts, of his own free will, to start a new life on stolen land. My father is Black and, through him, I’m also a descendent of enslaved people from Africa whose origins are currently still unknown to me. They were forcibly taken from their homes and endured a grueling voyage to a foreign continent. They survived untold atrocities over several generations until their progeny became legally free. I’m here because my ancestors persevered.


One group of my ancestors contributed to the violent oppression of the other. Both groups need healing. That is my mission — to heal on behalf of the Ancestors, so that my children’s children can truly be free.


Reclaiming Our Wholeness

In the United States, many of our societal ills are rooted in systems that were founded on racialized oppression, violence, genocide, white supremacy, and patriarchy. We are a nation created by traumatized people who traumatized people. Our cultural sickness has contributed to dysfunction within communities, families, and individuals. We are all affected, to varying degrees, by the “original sins” of the Founding Fathers.


Despite the dire circumstances in which we find ourselves today, it's never too late to heal. Healing is a reclamation of wholeness, and wholeness is our birthright -- it is everyone's true nature.

The Whole Five Fifths Podcast is for anyone who is ready to heal from racialized trauma and step into the truth of who they truly are. Each episode will shine light in the dark corners of our collective pain and offer practical strategies for caring for self and community.

Now is our time to heal. 

Our Story


Host - Jumi Aluko

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(February 2021)

00:00 / 40:11

Host - Dr. Francesca Fajinmi

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(March 2021)

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